is a responsive self-evolving installation

topo at play

in the west rotunda of Scottsdale Fashion Square

Embodied in three cloud structures, one water-like structure, and four moving-head lights, Topo articulates light across the surfaces in response to people’s movements around the installation, creating dynamic and colorful reflections throughout the space

Topo also likes to tweet (@topoproject); Topo gleans vocabulary from various local Twitter accounts. Each time Topo tweets, visitors will notice subtle interactions in the sculpture’s hue. Visitors can also reveal other behaviors by mentioning Topo in a tweet or using the hashtag #topoinflux.


topo is responsive to movement in the west rotunda. Sit. Play. Jump. See how topo reacts


Mention topo in a tweet and topo will respond with a colorful interaction


Take a picture of topo with this hashtag and topo will take notice

live twitter feed

interact @topoproject #topoinflux

Artist Team

matthew, garrett, and luke met through the Arts, Media + Engineering program

From a work’s conception until its final implementation, each member deploys complementary skills enlivened by an enthusiastic, collaborative attitude.

matthew briggs

design + fabrication

matthew is a digital design and fabrication coordinator at Arizona State University who utilizes computational methods and emerging technologies to connect the digital and physical. His generative installations and gallery works investigate form finding and real-time interaction.

garrett johnson

interactive media

garrett draws on his practical and theoretical experiences in music as a PhD student in Media Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, where he pursues interests including rhythmanalytic of complex biosocial phenomena, artificial language, performance practices of NIMEs, and computer music ensembles

luke kautz

architecture + fabrication

luke is a digital design and fabrication specialist at Arizona State University. Trained in architecture and philosophy, luke’s research and design strategies investigate the sympathy between thoughts and objects through various design practices, constructed fictions and camouflaged narratives.

Special Thanks!

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